Paediatric Medicine

The Blackwood Family Medical Centre Adelaide recommends and provides health checks and immunisations for all newborns and children.

Healthy Kids Check

Regular health and development checks are recommended for all young children to ensure that they are growing and developing normally, and to manage any health problems early on.

The Health Kids Check is delivered in conjunction with the 4 year old immunisation.  It is an assessment of your child’s health, general well-being and development, with the purpose of initiating medical interventions as appropriate.

The examination and assessment includes such things as:

  • height and weight
  • eyesight
  • hearing
  • oral health,
  • toileting
  • allergies

Childhood Immunisations

Immunisation from an early age is highly recommended for all Australian children, as it offers protection against the most serious childhood infections. The national immunisation program provides information on the routine childhood immunisations recommended for children in Australia and the schedule coincides with routine childhood health check guidelines.